Workplan & Timescales

The programme is due to run for 2 years from April 2021 – March 2023. 

The first phase of the initiative has focussed on exploring user needs and challenges. We need to understand the problems we are facing before we try to address them. We have worked collaboratively with our partners in DRNS, SCVO, TPS, Third Sector Lab  and the wider public to engage widely and deeply with both those who use drugs and those who support them.

This has involved activities including, amongst others: user surveys, online focus groups, literature research, one-to-one interviews, and building on examples of good practice across the country to learn from and enhance what can be delivered.

Pressures from the Covid-19 pandemic have had wide ranging impacts and this initiative is no exception. Despite this, collaboration and joint efforts across partners and end users have meant that the programme is progressing well.